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BBQ Pork with honey 特色蜜汁叉烧 1磅
Roasted Pork 特色脆皮烧肉 1磅
Combo of Any Two Items with Rice 特色双拼饭
Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice广式特色油鸡饭
Roasted Duck Thick Vermicelli 特色烧鸭粉
Sale price$5.99
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BBQ Spare Ribs With Rice特色烧排骨饭
Soya Sauce Chicken Thick Vermicelli 特色油鸡濑粉
Roasted Duck With Rice特色烧鸭饭
BBQ Pork Thick Vermicelli 特色叉烧濑
Roasted Pork With Rice 特色烧肉饭
Soya Poach Chicken Leg 广式油鸡脾饭
Cold Steamed Chicken Thick Vermicelli 特色白切鸡濑
Roasted Pork Thick Vermicelli特色烧肉濑粉
Sardine in Tomato Suace
Sardine in Tomato Suace
Sale price$1.99
Cold Steamed Chicken With Rice 特色白切鸡饭
Banana Blossom In Brine 腌香蕉花
Sliced beef 干切牛肉 兴业卤味
Pickled Spicy Chicken Feet 泡椒凤爪 兴业卤味
Braised pork ear 红烧猪耳 兴业卤味
BBQ Spare Rib with Honey 特色烧排骨 1磅
Korean Triangle Kimbap
Korean Triangle Kimbap
Sale price$3.99
Soya Sauce Chiken Leg 广式特色油鸡脾
Honeycomb Beef Tripe 金钱牛肚 兴业卤味
Braised pork feet 红烧猪手 兴业卤味
Spiced beef tendo 金牌牛筋 兴业卤味
Five Spiced duck's gizzard 香卤鸭胗  兴业卤味
Spicy shredded tripe 麻辣肚丝 兴业卤味
Spiced duck feet 兴业卤味 卤鸭掌
Spiced pork Tongue 兴业卤味 卤猪舌
Spiced duck wings 兴业卤味 卤鸭翅

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